Cooler for AMD FX 8350


Last week I bought a rig that was given below,my question is "Additional coolers for that is must need or don't need ?"

AMD FX 8350
Asus Sabertooth 990 FX AM3+
16 GB(8x8) Corsair DDR3 133Mhz
2 GB Asus HD 7850 DDR5
1 TB Segate HDD (7200 RPM)
900W Antec PSU
Cooler Master Elite 311.
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  1. Are you going to overclock? Given the case I would look at adding a fan or two... it's not a great case and the PSU is massive overkill, not a problem but I wish you had spent less on the PSU and more on the case.

    So, a front fan and maybe a side fan.

    and if you are going to OC a cooler like
  2. Thanks for reply Proximon :). I'm not going to overclock.But I'm going to work
    3D Apps and Game Development Apps.

    Now I want to ask, any problem with my case and PSU ? Please explain briefly.

    Which PSU and Case is suitable for my rig ? ...
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    If you are planning on adding a second 7850 for crossfire later, then This Seasonic X650

    As for a case, well, there are many good choices but lets try to match the one you picked a bit. Similar looks but better cooling and features
    Corsair 200R


    NZXT Phantom 410
  4. The power supply will work . But so would a good quality 500 watt unit and you could have saved enough on that item to get you a quality case

    You dont NEED more cooling. But a larger cpu cooler may drop your temperatures and run quieter . The Scythe Mugen , or Ninja are options
    There are also many other options
  5. Thanks for your reply... Proximon and Outlander_o4 :)
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  7. What I also don't like about the CM Elite 311 is the lack of fan mounts on the top. No fan mounts on the side either, if you get the version with the transparent side panel.

    If you're not planning to overclock, stock cpu hsf is perfectly fine. A 500w psu would be fine for your build too.

    I'd suggest a Corsair Carbide 200R. Link
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