Looking for a good cheap gaming laptop

im looking for a good gaming laptop for under 600$.
the reason im looking for one is because i want to play dayz on at least medium settings.
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  1. This will be rough. I don't know if you can get a laptop with a dedicated GPU for that much, let alone one that will play modern games.
  2. The budget is tight for a laptop but I know the Toshiba NB550D (not sure if they still sell it) which is a netbook but had dedicated graphics. Or you could go with a used Alienware from http://www.usedalienware.com/.
  3. My E-450 can play the majority of games @ 720P on the lowest quality settings. Things like Skyrim aren't quite playable and RTS games can sometimes be a bit sluggish but any modern laptop CPU should be better than an E-450 really.

    This one is pretty good if you're happy with low/medium settings.

  4. there isn't one
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