Best card, $300 and under? or wait for next gen

Hi everyone, need an opinion on what card would be best for me 300 and under range. Anyone think I should wait for next gen cards? More information below.

Current Build: None, using a laptop. Can't play many games

Prospective Build * This is my first build, if any parts are terrible I would like to know *

i5 3570k processor
AsRock Z77 Extreme4 mobo
SanDisk Extreme 120gb ssd
Kingston HyperX blu 1600 DDR3 ram
Corsair CX600 psu
NZXT 410 Mid Tower case

Usage: Gaming:
Mostly Planetside 2 & League of Legends, Battlefield 3 / 4, Crysis 3

Framerate: No less than 60, and no frame drops

Quality: No preference, but would like play on high settings

Resolution: 1600 x 900

Budget: $1100 total build, so around $300 on card

Preferences: Nvidia cards, no preference on brand
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  1. BigMack70 said:
    The 660ti would be a very solid choice for gaming at that resolution. Dunno if you'll be able to hit 60fps constant maxed out but 60fps average maxed out or almost-maxed should be doable.

    Since you don't already have a gaming rig, IMO there's no point waiting around for the next gen. We're still months off from new cards. Looks like a pretty nice midrange build.

    would 2x 7770 in Xfire be better?
  2. I would get the fastest single gpu you can afford. This one is the fastest in your budget I don't have much (or good) experience with Gigabyte, but they are a reputable manufacturer.
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