Can't detect both displays R7770 Core Edition

Dual monitors both connected to computer via the dual dvi port on the back to vga display. Both displays work when I plug them into the top dvi port. Neither function on the bottom dvi port. It wont show up in Catalyst or device manager.

I've been reading the forums for hours, I came across one solution that may be it. It was mentioning that I need some sort of a cable from the dvi to vga. I think it was a dvi-d. I can't find that page now. :/ any help would be much appreciated I'm in over 6 hours! Help! :cry:
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  1. Anyone know if I need a special cable? If so what kind?
  2. Thank you for the response. I read the info about the DVI-D, is that the solution to my problem?
  3. BUMP!
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