Is my proccessor good enough for the new graphics card

so i have been looking at getting a new card for my system, and was thinking on getting a nvidia card so far i was thinking the 680 gtx but i am open to suggestions.
my processor is a i7 960 3.2ghz, my current Graphics cards is 5870 1gb.
i was wondering is my processor good enough for the 680 or should i go for another card like the 7970 from amd?

if u think i need a new processor just tell me a good model for gaming and will last a while. Also will getting a new proccessor mean i need to reinstall or get a new os.

my motherboard i don't know my pc was a prebuilt from Alienware the Area 51 model.

i have 6gb of 1333mhz of ram and a 1tb hard drive.
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  1. The processor is still decent,i think a 7970ghz edition would be the best because i have seen in a review it is less stressing on your processor than a gtx680.
  2. why is the 680 stressful on my processor? Sorry about what may seem a dumb question haven't really been paying attention to the pc market recently because of uni and other things.
  3. That's the best you will get cpu wise for that socket type, if you want to upgrade passed that point, you will need to spend $400+ on it to get a 980x extreme, which is the minimum I would do and still makes no sense. The problem is, I don't really know how much it will be bottlenecked, because there is no magic formula. I can say my phenom 2 x4 at 4ghz bottlenecked a 7950. Your cpu is a decently stronger than my old one, but not by a huge margin. Also, the 7970 is basically the same strength as a 680 according to most places. So I would go with that for gaming any day.
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