Help me build a cheap gaming rig budget 377 USD

Help me build a cheap gaming rig budget I have a budget of 377 USD/ 15,345 philippine peso.

I'm gonna all the parts here in my country the Philippines the price difference isn't that big. if possible use the item in this site as reference I have a membership in there shop so I have a discount.

Ohh btw I already have a monitor so no need for that, and the storage should be 500gb it doesn't matter what brand.
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  1. because of your budget you cant really do very much for gaming. however it depends on what games you want to play. your budget and specs mean you should probably get the i5 (sandy bridge if you want to save on cash but lose some performance) and a cheap but good quality graphics card like the amd 6670. as for the mobo you should look around but make sure it has 1155 socket and a pci slot for the graphics card, also make sure it has enough slots for your desired ram. 4GB Ram should be enough but you can expand to 8 if you want. Corasir is a good brand for that. cases and psu are easy to find.
  2. I'm not gonna use it to play the latest games, I'm only gonna play games in the year 2009-2010 maybe even 2011 if possible.

    I can't afford an i5 it's to expensive a second hand processor is out of the question.
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