Upgrading my ACER ASPIRE AX3960

I bought the PC refurbished and it's quite small and compact. Now i want to get a new graphics card for it and i don't know which ones will fit, im aware they have tp be low profile. My power supply is only 220W. I'd prefer not to have to buy a new one though, so if anyone knows if there are any half decent low profile graphics cards that will work with a 220W that'd be awesome/

I have about 80 pounds to spend.
The highest quality game I will be playing is GW2 and i'm happy to run it on low settings.

If someone could link me a power supply that would fit my PC or a graphics card that would work with my 220W power supply that would be awesome.

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  1. Hi there, I was in a similar situation a little while ago. First we'd need to know what cpu and more importantly what brand of power supply because some PSU's claim a certain wattage but don't really perform to that level. And what resolution is your monitor?
  2. My moniter is a HD television aha. CPU? As in processor? its an i3 i believe. Where can i find my power supplies brand?
  3. To find out what power supply you have, you'll have to open the pc and manually check the logo/branding
    EDIT: Do you know how old the computer is? And while you check the power supply, check what motherboard you have.
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