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I have an LG E310 laptop. I want to connect it to my 32' LED TV.
I tried with VGA cable and it did not work. I tried with HDMI cable and it didnt work.
Could it be I need to install drivers or anthing else that might help?
(note- I dont mind sound...picture only)
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  1. Once connected to the TV, try to Hit START + P if you have Windows 7/8

    That should bring up an option to select to either put it all on the TV(just TV) or to clone(Same on both) or extend(run both as separate screens. You can drag windows from screen to screen.)

    Also most laptops have a FN key + on of the F-keys to do this as well(May be FN + F7).
  2. Hi nuke how are you? thanks for your answer!

    right now i have only one option under: display-screen resolution

    It does not allow me to switch for seperate screens...

    What can I do??
  3. What operating system are you running? Does Start(windows key) + P do anything?
  4. I have win 7
    its not working so good though...
    I had to uninstall nvidia because it wasnt working well...
    now the start+p dont work and same for fn f7...
  5. I think you need to have drivers installed for this to work.
  6. nukemaster said:
    I think you need to have drivers installed for this to work.

    What drivers I need inuke??
  7. I tried that first thing...I cant download nothing fron Nvidia..weird.. my control panel say "1. (default monitor) on". looks like i uninstalled nvidia by mistake and now i cant download it...
  8. It is older and may not have current support. Try to see if the LG site drivers work, just get the right ones for your OS.
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