Orange not replacing defective 6230 phones

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Don't know if this is widely known, but Orange handset faults told me
tonight they have decided not to replace customer's Nokia 6230 handsets
that are faulty. Why? They recognise and accept there are problems with
the software (phones freeze after screensaver initiates, and phone will
not recognise and may even trash MMC memory cards). As a result,
"customers would be inconvenienced by being sent phones that don't work
properly" - I have had two dodgy refurbished ones already -
prresumably, we should put up with our software bug ridden existing

Apparently Orange, and possibly other UK operators, are awaiting a
response from Nokia! No wonder Nokia's financial performance has been
rubbish recently!

I say, if the phone is defective, and they (Orange) knew about this and
still supplied it, they are clearly in breach of UK Consumer Law - they
have supplied me with a product that is "not fit for its purpose". All
I want is a working replacement. If they fail to deliver, then seems
like they are in breach of contract and I can walk away - ridiculously,
Orange also claim, a defective phone is not grounds for a customer to
terminate. I can't wait to see that tested in court if I am forced to
terminate and they try to sue me.

So, if you have been fobbed off by Orange, why not let me know? Sounds
like a good press story in the offing. There is nothing companies hate
more than bad publicity. Why not also copy your messages to the Press
Officers at Orange and Nokia listed below. If there is a base of
customers out there who are being given the run around by Orange and or
Nokia, let's see what noise we can generate.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Here, let me help generate some email "traffic" for them.
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