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Hello! Can anyone help me with finding out why my motherboard and graphics card have a disagreement...? My computer starts up but i cant see any picture. I would be really grateful:( thanks.

Link to my graphics card:

Motherboard link:
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  1. They should be compatible. Can you list your other hardware? Including PSU.
  2. PSU link:

    I don't know the processor's name though, and i can't check it out too cause i can't use my pc
  3. Was the computer working ok before adding the video card?
  4. The computer was working perfectly yes, but after i added the new card, it only worked for a day. After the shutdown, it didn't take up the picture. Although, when i turned on my pc, everything was working( heard the starting sounds and all). But there was no picture. Bought this new PSU too cause i thought it was the lack of power that didn't let this card work, but turned out that was not the problem. Now i'm left with good pieces of computer components and still no picture. I't cant be the PSU nor processor problem. The problem seems to be in motherboard or card i think.
  5. I would suspect the same then, MB or GPU. Have you tried putting the GPU in the other pcie slot? I would also reset the cmos.
  6. I tried both of them already too, nothing works... Could there be a short circuit somewhere in MB that prevents GPU from working?
  7. Yes it's possible that your pcie slots aren't working, or it's a bad card. Can you test that card in another computer?
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