GTX680 with a GTX560 Ti

Hi everyone I am new to posting on these forums though I have frequented the site to answer alot of my own questions. I am looking for opinions on what I am trying to do. I am looking to run a GTX 680 as my main display card with my now current GTX 560 Ti running my second display and TV. So in total I'd have my 3 displays. Would there be any advantages to this set up gaming wise so the primary card doesn't have to deal with anything on the other displays because I usually am having a movie going while gaming. This make any sense?

The rest of the system is:

motherboard: Asus sabertooth z77
processor: Intel I7 3770K mild over clock liquid cooled
Ram: 32gb Corsair Vengence
HHD: Samsung SSD primary drive
Crucial M4 game drive
Crucial M4 program drive
WD Black Storage drive
Video Card: MSI Twin Frozer 560 Ti (current)
MSI Twin Frozer 680 (proposed)

Thank you for any input.
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  1. You can run three display off of a 680 (not sure if you knew that). That's a pretty powerful system, you may be able to game and watch a movie at the same time, but I am not sure the cards will run together or not. I say, if you are getting the new card anyway, give it a try and make sure you post some results as I am interested.

    I could try this....I have three displays too, with two running off of my 570GTX and one running on my IGP intel 4000. I may have to give it a try just to see if my machine can pull it off.
  2. Thanks for the reply I was going to buy the 680 based on the fact it could run 3 displays. I am currently multi tasking while gaming on my 560 Ti with 2 monitors and it is doing well handling it for the most part. I was just thinking about what to do with it once i get the 680 then I thought of this idea thinking it might allow the 680 to only deal with the games while the 560 Ti did the other stuff. If I try it before you do I'll post results.
  3. Hi Frazier,
    My vidcards aren't as powerful as yours, heheh...
    But I run my 256-bit GTX460 as my main gaming card, and then I have a GT240 (GDDR5 model) for PhysX.
    Therefore if you moved up to the 680 (nice!) you could have a killer PhysX board in there with the 560Ti.
    Plenty of PhysX games out there - from Metro2033, To Batman Arkham Asylum, to Dishonored, etc. etc.
    You'd just need enough power connectors for both vidcards (similar to SLI rig).
    Do not underestimate the value of running Full PhysX settings!
    It can make a striking difference in your immersion and therefore enjoyment playing the games.
    But I mean, if you 'usually have a movie going' while gaming, LoL, heheh...
    I guess you're just not into immersion.
    But what the hey; go for it bro (free country right?)
  4. I am testing now. I'll let you know in a bit.

    Heres a video of the 680, towards the end it shows a quick demonstration of upto 4 displays.

    Im not certain how it works and which display ports/adapters to use but it would be worth looking into and use your 680 to power 3 displays + a tv for watching shows and movies.

    And agreed with The_OGS having 560ti for dedicated physics.
  6. I was able to watch a DVD and run Black Ops II. The gpu loads are separate. Two things happened though. The DVD monitor (connected to intel 4000) blinked as I went through menus on the game on my main monitor and came out of full screen. Also as I started the DVD first, that is the sound that came out, no sound from the game. You may be able to overcome that bit though. You would need a sound card (I have one and could possibly test this) so that you could have two outputs for the sound. I think the sound card drivers may have a conflict though.
  7. I picked up the 680 last night and I think I am going to be going with with The_OGS suggestion. I ran the 680 alone last night and it handled everything very well. So now the 560 Ti will go back in dedicated to PhysX for now. Thank you every one for the help and opinions.
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