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i recently built a mini ITX PC with a CTX touchscreen monitor for my dad to use as a home jukebox. i am having issues with the native Windows 7 touchscreen drivers. calibration is totally off. it acts as tho the touch sensors are rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise (does that make sense?) calibrating it only makes issues worse; anywhere i touch it ends up at the top right of the screen. the monitor worked fine on Vista when i used the drivers from the bundled CD but those drivers do not work under Windows 7 (and i lost the disk) since it worked with Vista i don't think it is a faulty monitor and it has to be a driver issue. the worst part is this was supposed to be a birthday present for him and now it is about 5 months overdue. any help would be awesome! thanks!
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  1. I ran the WinXP install from supplied disc with CTX monitor (having lost the will to live on CTX and Microsoft websites, help in Win7 and searching in various Win7 setup areas).

    The CTX touchscreen now seems to be working as well as it did when attached to another WinXP machine.

    So, using WinXP driver in Win7 gives me a good working soution.

    Good luck

    March 2010
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