Problems installing cooler PLEASE HELP ASAP

I just finished putting the RAM/VRM heatsinks on my GTX 680 classified. Everything was done correctly to my knowledge and I even had to cut some as there were not enough in the box for the large card on some of the smaller compnents. I wads unable to get the insulation tape/film to stick onto the card and the glue is now drying on the sinks I have put on. Is this a major problem and do I need to remove these asap and put something there? The reason I cant get it to stick is because it wont come off correctlty and bits of paper are stuck to the adhesive side.

If I need to remove them and put something there, what can I use instead of the film they provided and how do I get the sinks off with the adhesive TIM in place? I can't afford to short this card. Please help, ty.
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  1. Can anyone just tell me if the card is going to short for sure or not? I've put one on a 500 series card but with the strips, they were sticky.
  2. Herew is an image of the card and heatsinks. The insulating film is supposed to go on the board between the two rows of heatsinks in the center near the VRM right of the GPU.

    One shows close up the space between the other close of is of a modified heatsink.
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