Burn damage on GTX 580 - unsure of next step

Hey all! I'll start out by posting two pictures then explaining.

Basically my card caught fire one day after I had removed it to do some general cleaning around my case, it would appear as though I didn't securely plug it in and caused a short. It is out of warranty from EVGA. I sent pictures to them to inquire about a repair but the gist was that it was likely a lost cause.

Upon looking at the damage it appears mostly external.. and I just wonder if the board containing all the components were replaced would it work just fine? And what cost that would entail.

Of course I realize this would likely only be possible through the company itself, but even a 150-200 dollar repair would be worth it on a ~500 dollar card.

I'm working on finding a good way to remove the star screws to take a closer look though I lack the specialized tool.
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  1. Hate to say but it looks like its a total loss sorry. It may look like only external damage but the main GPU core is probably fried as well. :sweat:
  2. Wow, that sucks. Is your motherboard fried too? I doubt that could be repaired, sorry to say.
  3. I'm not sure about the GPU yet, will know once I get the star screws out. Yeah the motherboard sustained light burn damage so I replaced it. The flame lasted for a second or two and was going away from the card... Bah.. I hate to let go on this piece of hardware.
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    Wow! I have never seen anything like that in 30 years of building PCs. Without the photo evidence I wouldn't have thought it even possible! Hate to say it, but that card is fully fried. IMO there is no way you (or anyone else) will get that working. The parts are surface mounted, so everything in the scorch radius at a minimum (assuming no electric surge damage to peripheral components, which is imo highly unlikely) would need replacing, and hand desoldering/soldering that many surface mount parts, which requires highly expensive specialized equipment and experience, would definitely cost more than the card - and that would be assuming the PCBs aren't damaged which they clearly are (the PCB is multi layer, so there are probably 8 or more stacked PCBs, only two of which are visible).
  5. Darn. Well thanks for the input guys. Might be able to borrow an older card from a friend till I find a decent sell on 660 or wait on 7xx's.
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  7. My question is why didnt you do a safety check to see if its not fully plugging in before using
  8. I ask myself that everyday. The kicker is when I plugged it in I felt like something wasn't quite right, then I figured when I screwed the plate in it would be fine. :'(
  9. Well at least the gtx 580 isn't really $500 anymore. You can find it for $250-300
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