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I just bought a monitor to go with my recent pc build. It supports full HD resolution, and has a VGA and DVI-D Connection.

I havent been able to try it out yet, but I have a question.

The monitor only came with a VGA cable. I know one option will be to buy a DVI-D cable.

However, I was wondering if a DVI to VGA adapter will work as well.

My current setup is a GTX 660 with a VGA adapter(in the DVI-I slot) running to my old non-HD monitor.

So my question is: If I hook up my new HD monitor in the same fashion(DVI to VGA), will I be able to run my new monitor in HD?
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  1. I would go with DVI. Its all digital, so it gives a better picture. Cables are cheap too if you get them online. I have connected my monitors with VGA at 1080p in a pinch and it worked fine.
  2. yeah ok thats mainly what i was getting at...if it would work for now until I do get a DVI cable.

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