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Hi everyone, a few years back i got a barebones pc for just basic school work and so on, some light gaming here and there. Since then i've upgraded the ram and harddrive but now im thinking of getting a video card.
I have a really low budget of about $30 because I don't really game that much and my parents are paying for it. I was wondering if I should actually get a discreet GPU or just use the integrated one. I have an i3 540 @ 3.06 Ghz with Intel HD (not 2000 or 3000, its the original one). The integrated GPU is clocked at 733Mhz. I have found quite a few discreet GPU's from $15 to $30 but wasn't sure if they were any better. I found this one while just looking around.

(Zotac GeForc 610 2GB but 1GB would be just fine.)
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  1. Save your money for a real GPU if you want to play games. Around 100 bucks gets you a solid entry level GPU and anything less is just not worth it.
  2. Any NVidia x10, x20 and (to a lesser extent) a x30 will not allow you to game to a, well, tolerable level.

    A 6670 DDR3 is fine for 720p gaming @ medium settings for most games. I would suggest that you aim for a 6670 ddr3 at the least.
  3. Also make sure your PSU is up to par for a new card.
  4. I would wait and save up some dough too. Those low end Nvidia cards are no good and you really can't get anything to game on for that much dough. Minimum card I recommend in the 7750 and yeah, make sure your PSU can run it.
  5. Ya my power supply is capable it is a 400watt, I forget the company but i know it was reliable.
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