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Well it all started when i moved today. Before this i never had any problems. After I moved and set my pc back up and turned it on, i found it had a big problem now. It wasnt until windows had booted up into the login screen when i noticed artifacts-white lines running vertically and horizantly through the screen. There was also what looked like a pruple splash in the left hand corner. I was like wtf and tried to login. after i typed my password and entered it instead of showing my desktop, it was just black, with a reboot shortly after. I then dual booted into ubuntu and there where no artifacts to the best of my knowledge. so then i booted windows into safe mode\. there were still a ton of artifacts but after awhile it loaded windows with artifacts. im guessing it could either be the driver, which is 310.70 whql, or the fact last year i broke the pcei tab lock on the end of the slot. Im thinking it may have been joustled on the way over and became unaligned. I have a gtx 460 msi hawk, overclocked to 560 reference clocks. Could it be the overlock? also running win vista 64bit.
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  1. try removing the card and reconnecting it then try updating drivers and removing the overclock
  2. alrite i will. can i update drivers from safe mode?
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