Prediction: 7750 and 7770 cross firing with future AMD APU?

So right now looking at the Trinity 5800 K we know that it supports cross firing with a 6670 and 6570., I was thinking that maybe in the future the 7750 and the 7770 would be able to crossfire with upcoming APU. But looking closer I'm thinking if the 7770 would be able to crossfire with a APU due to its need for a crossfire bridge connector. The 7750 does not need a bridge connector. Nor does the 6670.

I'm wondering whether the need for a bridge connector will affect the ability for the carD to crossfire with an APU?

Because if it does, then I would rather purchase the 7750 right now so that I can crossfire it in the future with AMD APU's., In case the 7770 will not be able to crossfire with AP use due to its need for a bridge connector.
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  1. crossfire is a sham anyway, it doesnt give smooth gameplay in most cases, wouldnt waste my time with it, especially on low end gpu's. Just settle for a single faster gpu.
  2. So in the future I would hope that I could use my current car to crossfire with my AMD APU.But the 7770 is only $15 more than the 7750 so I feel kind of stupid for not getting the 7770. But from what I've seen in the reviews the 7770 runs about 6° hotter than the 7750 during load (they are the same during idle) so I'm thinking where I live where it's pretty hot during the summer I might actually be able to squeeze in some more hours of gametime if I get the 7750.

    And also I think if I were to sell the hard eventually on eBay people more likely would be buying the 7750 because it is a wider card and for some reason people just assume that it is a safer used car to buy than a higher tier 1 like the 7770 because they suspect that maybe the user might have tried to overclock the higher-end cards since users who buy a high-end cards are in it for the performance so they want to squeeze all the performance they can out of the cards. And also in the future when people buy older video cards used on eBay it probably won't be for playing the latest games and trying to get the best graphics performance but rather simply to have a card so they can have HDMI output or something enough to run an HTPC setup. In that case the lack of the need for a six pin connector on the 7750 makes more ideal for an HTPC setup as well as its smaller heat and size.

    But taking all that into consideration I am probably only going to save 20 bucks at the most while sacrificing for performance so I am probably just overanalyzing. And the power difference between the two cards is also negligible maybe about 30 to 40 W at load, but almost identical when idle.

    And also currently on you wake, the 7770 is a newer version with a spiral heat sink. I am wary if the spiral heat sink will perform better or worse than the older bigger rectangular heatsink. I haven't seen any reviews that can testify to the temperature measurements of the older versus the newer version of the 7771 GHz edition (not the overclock edition or the vapor x or flex edition) and I really don't have much knowledge about how spiral heat sinks work, so I'm taking a risk.

    The reviews of the newer card on Newegg do speak to its goods stock overclocking ability and low temps during load so I am pretty optimistic about that although I would really wish I had some hard evidence to support my decision in purchasing the 7770 over the 7750, and by the way these brands I'm mentioning are the Sapphire ones. It's only $100 for the 7770 and $85 for the 7750.
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