Added second gpu to pcie x1, not detected

I acquired an old asus 8400gt x16 card today and decided to mess around with it since it was free. I have an x1 slot available in my machine so i looked around and modded the card to fit in the slot. When i booted up the fan started on the card so that was good, but the display coming from my gt240 wasnt working. I pulled the new card out and it booted fine and went to the repair windows screen. I skipped it and booted windows 7, then plugged the new card back in. It now isnt being detected by anything except CPUID which is seeing it as a "Graphic Device". Anyone have any suggestions for me?
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  1. I would say that the card wasn't intended to work with anything short of a full size 16x slot. So I would say your problem starts and ends there.
  2. I have seen other people mod their cards successfully though. Did i just botch it or something?
  3. I really don't know but there is no reason to place a card in a 1x slot. If you didn't have a full size slot to support the card you shouldn't have purchased the card.
  4. I didnt purchase it i got it for free from a recycling place, so i wanted to mess with it. I already have a gt240 that runs fine in a x16 slot
  5. Where you trying to use the 8400 as card to use for multi monitors? or even a physx card?
  6. Snakehead321 said:
    I have seen other people mod their cards successfully though. Did i just botch it or something?

    Mod as in cut the card so it fits in the x1 slot?

    Ok, guy...
  7. I'm not going to poke fun at it. He got the card for free I think he was just trying to do something cool. I'm just trying to understand what he was attempting to do with it.
  8. The 8400 is a useless card nowadays. You'll get worse performance if you try to use it for Physx; I've tried with that exact set up before.

    I'm not sure how you modded the card. All I can imagine is that it wasn't designed for the port and therefore won't work unless you make a new board for the card. I appreciate you wanting to put the component to some use, but trust me, if you manage to get it working, you'll realise that it wasn't worth the effort.
  9. What I did was cut the connectors off the the bottom so it would fit in an x1 slot. I saw multiple other people who had successfully done this mod. Maybe I just screwed up
  10. Perhaps you very well could have but you didn't spend anything on the card worse comes to worse it is a wash.
  11. Exactly
  12. For future reference, you can't just cut connectors off hardware. They're there for a reason.
  13. You do understand I know this, I believe that no one understands why I posted this thread
  14. what pci-express is the card rated at? and is it fully functional.
  15. This is an older post. But for what it's worth.
    I had a similar situation... after researching a bit I came to the conclusion that the best fix was to cut the actual PCIe X1 card slot bus so that it could accept the Video card completely. The chances of messing up delicate components is far less then chopping pins off a card... but, you have the much more daunting aspect of possibly frying the whole Motherboard. Either way you are hardware hacking and it is a possibility something may just go wrong. Not to mention the chance the hardware may just not like the configuration and fry every component on you the moment the switch is thrown. I did believe this was my best option because if it worked I would be able to upgrade without any more technical issues.
    In my experience it worked great. I tested with a Radeon x600 and I currently run a Radeon HD 4670 512MB GDDR3 PCIe 2.0X16 card in the X1 PCIe slot of a Dell Dimension E310 which has been modified. Works great.
    In your situation I don't know if it would work anyway as you are already running a GPU in your main PCIe X16 slot. My experience with this only includes AMD cards also. Maybe that could be a factor.

    I did see a thing on this guys web page here --->
    As you can see he did it the hard way and he didn't get a good result first time through but had to do a little more tweaking to get it right. He states that his GPU needed to have pins shorted in this kind of configuration so that it knows how to act X16, X8, X4 or X1 so he tracked down the info somewhere (on the internet I'm sure)... it kills me this dude is not more specific with this post! It might be directly related to your problem though as his card was an Nvidia 8400GS as you can.
    The dudes a beast. If I knew his secrets... LOL
    Dude's a hardware hacker from hell!!! Check out the hot glued fan to the passive heatsink mod! This guy inspires me. LOL
    Ok sorry... In my case it didn't go like that... it fit right down in the itty bitty x1 slot and just worked.
    I was prepared to have it all blow up in my face.
    That's just how these things go I guess. Sometimes they just work.
    Maybe in this case you need to shunt a wire across a couple of pins of your card to do the magic trick this guy pulled? Maybe study the pick... because he didn't give very detailed steps with the procedure or where he found the info. It may just be the magic trick that does get everything fried for you! LOL
    All I have to say is if you read this and haven''t given up yet and you still got an itch to try something else... Good Luck!
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