Computer restarts randomly and no .exe files open

Hello all,

Just yesterday my desktop (currently using laptop) randomly restarted and now no .exe files will open. I have searched the forums and some posts suggested combofix. However, I cannot access the internet nor can I open any files. I also ran the computer in safemode and still no luck. I have the following antivirus programs: AVG 2012, Malwarbyte, Super antivirus, and CC cleaner. Oddly enough, CC cleaner and Super antivirus works normally but doesn't fix any problems. I would say 90% of my programs cannot open. I can run the command prompt as well.

Things I have tried:

1) system restore

2) System recovery options

No luck :(. Thank you for reading and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi :)

    Update Malwarebytes and run a FULL SCAN in SAFE MODE....not normal mode...

    And you are only meant to use ONE antivirus they intefere with each other....

    Before you run the scan UNINSTALL Super antivirus and CC CLEANER (WHICH IS RUBBISH by the way as it can damage the Registry)
  2. Thank you for your prompt response.

    I have tried running Malware in safemode (both with and without network) and I still have the same problem. It doesn't load :(. It appears almost as if there is no difference between normal and safe mode. No programs will start up in either mode.
  3. Can you take the hard drive out and run it on a different machine under an external case ro something. Then use malwarebytes or Microsoft security essentials. I had the same problem on a dell and it picked up a few viruses.
    After this you may want to reset default programs back to default settings
  4. Thank you for your great suggestion. I'm new in this area and I would assume the procedure would go like so: take out the hard drive of the infected computer and put it into an existing desktop. Which pretty much means to insert the infected hard drive so that there will be two hard drive's in the existing desktop? If that isn't how to do it, please shed some light on how to properly go about this process. I have a couple of concerns:

    1) When I transfer the infected hard drive to the existing desktop, will the existing desktop get infected?

    2) I was thinking about putting the hard drive as a secondary hard drive to an existing desktop. Will this be a problem?

    Thank you again for your suggestion.
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