Graphic Cards.. confused

Hello everyone.
So, I'm pretty new at the whole computer thing, and I was more of a software guy.
I was reading the forums here and there's one thing that confused me a little bit.
I thought Geforce GTX 660 ti was made from Nvidia.
Is THAT a total different graphic card than Evga 660ti or Msi 660 ti?
Or are they ALL made from Nvidia but just.. different names..? which doesn't make sense..

Please help me clarify this!
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  1. No. the gpu of evga and msi are of nvidia only.Nvidia makes gpu and sent to manufactures like evga,msi,asus,gigabyte and and they sell in market.the performance of all gpu are same and amd gpu sent to brands like sapphire,asus,his etc.Their are only two company of gpu i.e nvidia and amd.
  2. Nvidia (and AMD as well) design the GPUs. The cards themselves are manufactured by other company like EVGA, MSI, Sapphire, XFX, ASUS, Gigabyte and etc.
  3. Ohh so which one's the best??
  4. There is never the best in my opinion on this matter. The ones I've listed above usually offer great models and have great reputations as well
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