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I have a problem,pls help..
I'm using acer netbook. I want to connect in a D-Link wifi, that D-Link wifi is password protected, but I know the exact password of that wifi. when I connect it, and check the status said "Acquiring network address" and I can't browse on the internet.
but when I remove the Password on D-Link wifi ruoter it's working good,I have access on the internet when the password is removed.

Pardon me if i post unproper section. Please Help.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    To be clear, the requirement is for the wireless security key and not a password so that may make you rethink whether or not you know it.

    It's also possible that your laptop isn't capable of recognising or connecting to the highest security level of WPA2. Rather than go without security compeletely, try WPA or even the lowest - WEP.

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