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GPU perfomance

hi friends, I have a GTX 460 working with core i3 3220. Whenever i want i can check the CPU and the memory usage with the task manager however what i was thinking is that how can i check and determine the GPU usage or perfomance.
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  1. Download gpu z and see
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    If it's in game, use MSI Afterburner. There are On Screen Display settings there and you can choose what you want to monitor during gaming
  3. also some games will have an overlay themselves showing cpu and gpu suage
  4. GPU-Z is a freeware but my anti virus shows it as a threat to the computer + i want to check the perfomance while playing .........any advice
  5. MSI Afterbuner
  6. ASUS GPU Tweak <-- My favorite GPU-Z is built into this software.

    MSI afterburner


    All great tools to monitor the usage. :)
  7. got the gpu-z can i make sure that the my gpu that is gtx 460 is performing upto mark or it is not bottlenecking...........
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