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Is Z77M-D3H compatible with GTX 650 2GB


I just bought a PC: intel i7 3770 3.4 Ghz, Motherboard Gigabyte Z77M - D3h, Graphic card Gigabyte GTX 650 2GB

Problem is, when the seller send it, he changed the graphic card to GT-440, saying that the motherboard isnt compatible with GTX 650, that one of them will run on high temperature. He suggests to change to ASUS Extreme motherboard if I want to use GTX 650.

Is this true?

Thanks for your time to answer
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    No it is not true.gtx 650 will run in any mobo which has pci exp slot.shopkeeper is just fooling you so that you get asus extreme mobo wich is expensive.go and kick him and get gtx 650.
  2. ASHISH65 is right
  3. Why 2gb get 1gb.what is your should get atleast hd 7770,gtx 650ti or hd 7850.
  4. Thanks!

    I thought so too, but just to make sure: this problem about motherboard high temperature if it runs with GTX650 is made up right? My room has aircon btw

    You think GTX 650ti 1GB is better than GTX650 2GB? Sorry, I dont really understand about this.

    My LED is Benq 22", so it should be 1920x1080. The whole package is just laying there, havent touched it yet since I'm still thinking to ask him to replace the graphic card with other type
  5. GTX650ti>HD7770>HD7750 or GTX650. Memory doesn't really matter much for these cards, the GPUs just aren't powerful enough
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