A problem with my Sapphire HD 6770 HELP?

Hello,my names Bessel.Ive been to this site to read many answers.Its my first time to ask one i this site...I want to talk about my graphics Card.

I bought one Graphics Card.Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6770 @775 Mhz.I'm from Kerala,India.I've bought this via an online store in India.I got the GPU on May 2012.Since I didn't have a good PSU for this GPU to work.I ordered one.I had to wait for 3 days.Now the Tragedy starts.The monsoon starts on June.I had an Geforce 9500 GT bought in 2009.It was working decently.I decided to buy the new GPU,coz my 9500 didn't have enough juice to run "NFS The Run" and "Skyrim"(I am a Graphics Fuzzy guy)

My computer was hit by lightening through my Modem's cable which i forgot to unplug,further extending my GPU's and PSu's installation
I repaired my Computer.My Intel Dual Core@2.5 Ghz was not at all harmed.My 9500 and my Motherboard were gone.This GPU and PSU were still in my room(in the same packaging just like it came) where the lightening hit the PC.Later i installed my GPU and PSU after the repairs.After one month.My GPU started to show some "flickering" while playing or just in stand by.When i inquired about this to the repairs guy,he said that my GPU might have suffered my induction balh,bla..(which i don't believe because i didn't even take the GPU out of its cover ie;the GPU is still inside its non conducting GRID Bag.)
I was scared that my Rs 7000 would go to waste.But still it began to work and I had to restart....By November the GPU's flickering was just like a normal thing to me.Now i used to move my GPU (ie; just touch and press it or just press its 6 pin connector) and the PC would go without Flickering for 5-6 days.Then again the same routine.I would again touch it..........
In December i installed the new Windows 8 and now i had two OS 7 and 8(i installed 8 after removing XP)....On December 25 2012,I played NFS Most Wanted 2012 and in the evening my Computer went into an infinite restart cycle.I knew either my OS crashed or my HDD is gone .Again i gave it to the repair shop(Its an authorized good reputed shop [Ozone])They said that my OS crashed and then they informed me that my GPU is no longer working.I said that's not possible.Till i gave it to then it was working(with the usual defects)

Now i got my PC back and now I am typing this
on my PC which is now working on the Dual Core's own Graphics(what a fall eh? from 6770 to mere 2006's graphics).Now i have my GPU packed as it was once...My friends say that it might still be working and that guy should not have done it correctly...any ways i do want to take a decision about my GPU...So what are you Tech-heads' opinion?
How do i test whether its working or not?
(Its a shame but i don't know how to install a GPU by myself even though my Friends say that its easy and all...May be because i consider GPU and gaming too sacred)

I also want to claim my warranty.I have the bill now.But I don't know how to approach the Retailers in this(Its still under warranty..Flipkart confirmed that) What are your suggestions...?

Sorry about the Length...Guys...But PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
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  1. Do not believe indian shopkeepers they have not good to flipkart they will repair that card.
  2. did u get any service center in kerala. which one gave warrenty ?
  3. Bessel Raj hasn't posted here since March, NASIMON so it's unlikely he'll answer you. is probably your next new best friend.
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