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Noob here. upgrading a 5 year old pc.

hi. first post here. im upgrading my hp pavilion a6500f and wanted to know if this graphic card and psu are compatible with my system.

my system:

psu upgrade antec ea430:

gpu upgrade msi 6670:

ps. the only game i play religously is counter strike soure. if these are upgrades are good to go, will i be able to max out the settings. i heard css is more cpu based. is my cpu crap? intel dual core 2.4 e2220

sorry for all questions. - noob
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  1. you could also try to not upgrade your psu and to buy a 7750.
    It doesnt need as much power as an 6670 and it is a little bit faster too.
  2. really. my psu is 250. i read somewhere i need 400 to run it. will it damage my goodies?
  3. any counter strike aource players wanna chime in here. i been searching the web for past two days. imgoing crazy.
  4. No you dont need a 400w psu,it even uses less power then a hd6670 and it is a little bit stronger aswel mainly because it is a newer design.
  5. thanks. placing my order in the evening. i like this helpful forum. cheers. :D
  6. It wil be a good upgrade but the best would be to save some more money and later buy a new pc and use the 7750 that you bought now.
  7. raffg23 said:
    really. my psu is 250. i read somewhere i need 400 to run it. will it damage my goodies?

    I'm sorry but this post made me get the feeling you didn't understand what thiemo meant.

    Yes, you do need more than 400W to power a GTX660 Ti. If you decide to buy this GPU, you WILL need to upgrade your PSU.

    However, what was suggested is that instead of buying that card, you can save a lot of money by buying an AMD HD 7750 graphics card, which uses less power than your current card, meaning you wouldn't need a better PSU. This is a viable option if you're just playing CSS, as it'll probably be enough to play the game on max settings.

    As i've stated your current PSU is not enough to power a GTX660 Ti, and it might very well damage your system. Even the 430W you posted might be a little too tight, even though it's 80+Bronze. I would suggest getting a atleast a 500W 80+ Bronze PSU.

    Other things you should consider when buying a new GPU are whether or not the cards actually fits in your case and if your CPU is powerful enough to handle it.

    Again, sorry if i'm just repeating what was said here, but i thought it would be better to sum everything up just in case.
  8. Oh wow i just noticed i misread your entire post ahah. It won't let me edit my message, but basicly your initial post linked me to a GTX660Ti (i guess it was just some publicity link) and i got the idea that was the card you were buying. So anyway, sorry, ignore my previous message.
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    CS: Source runs fine on a Radeon X800 Pro/XL.
    - There's no point upgrading too much for such a well optimized title.

    That said, words will not easily express the difference between a Radeon HD 7750 and your GeForce 7100 card.

    It'll be over 10x times faster for sure.

    The E2220 that you have is a good CPU for CS:Source, I used to run it on a E6600 (C2D) which is very similar.

    Having 4 times the cache doesn't make it 4 times faster, but it might've helped during more intensive firefights a little.
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