Adding video card to older system

I have an older system that i was given which i am considering making an htpc. I did a fresh install of xp on it and all drivers are up to date, but as it sits currently it wont even play a youtube video smoothly, much less a 1080 mkv file. The card im considering is the HIS IceQ H467QS1GHA. Will adding this card make playback better, or is my limitation elsewhere in the hardware? Im well aware that the setup isnt ideal for an htpc application, but if i can make it work with just a video card i would like to.


Foxconn 651M03-G-6L mobo

Celeron 2.0

2gb DDR
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  1. It would probaly help by installing a videocard but i think you will also need to upgrade your psu.

    Any cheap card would be good,like a gt610.
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