GTX550 Ti 1gb ddr5 192bit hdmi Compatibility

Hello everyone,

I'am planning to buy a GTX550 Ti 1gb ddr5 192bit hdmi card.
Specifically the one from Inno3D
I would just like to ask if my current board supports it, cause its quite old.
My motherboard is 740GTM-P23
Are they compatible?
I also have a 600w PSU.
Any input will be very much appreciated.

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  1. Of course it does. But the video card will be bottlenecked very severely. I think it'll operate at 30-40% performance. So get a newer motherboard.
  2. 30-40%? Really? That much? Would you mind explaining why?
    I might not be able to change my board asap, some any other components too.

  3. Any other cards that would run 100% on my MSI 740GTM-P23 board within 70USD price?

  4. bump. bump. anyone please?

  5. 7750
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