GTX 670 fps drops in games!


I recently got this new card Asus GTX 670 DCII.

Problem is in all games i play (farcry3,d3,skyrim,tera online etc) Games run smoothly at high fps on high settings but there is times (lots of them) where fps suddenly drops to around 20-50 just for around 5secs and then back to high fps. It wont matter what i do in game. Even standing still fps jumps from very high(200+) to 20-50. I never had this problem with my old GTX 285.

I have tried to change al lsettings, physX, vsync etc but no help. Also tried differnet drivers.

Ive noticed many people seems to have similar problems with 6xx nvidia cards but havent figured out the issue. I think its just bad driver issues and theres nothing we can do about it? I could use some tips. Theres no reason why fps behaves like that..from high to low repeatedly.. Im guessing the gpu usage drops for some reason? gotta test it out..

Temps and cords are all fine. Hardware isnt the issue.

CPU: FX-6200
PSU: Corsair HX650W
OS: win7 64bit

Any help is welcome! ty
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  1. Well my opinion intel would give you better performance then amd
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