Intel i3-3220 vs AMD Phenom II x4 965

Which one do you think is better. Which one should i get? I do both gaming and editing but i care about gaming speeds more. and i'm not overclocking.
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  1. id go with the i3 if you are not overclocking. You also have more room for upgrading with the intel chip.

    The 965 is a good overclocker though and its a good value.

    You should also consider the fx 4300 or fx6300 if you like amd
  2. A couple of years ago ,when the conventional wisdom was that you buy an i3 instead of a Phenom 955 ,tomshardware did consecutive $500 system builder marathons using those two processors and a Radeon 6870

    The phenom nuked the intel pretty much everywhere except games . In gaming it needed to be overclocked to 965 speeds to match the i3 . Current i3's are a little faster , but you can also add a couple of hundred MHz more OC to the Phenom

    Mostly though the difference shows in online gaming . The dual core tanks .

    Make sure you use an AMD motherboard with a 9XX chipset . probably 970 since you are on a budget . That gives you the option to upgrade to better faster FX processors for at least one more generation .
    By contrast the socket 1155 i3 dies in a few months when intel release haswell
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