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670 ftw issues

So here's the story. Had two Radeon 5770's in crossfire, but got tired with the issues crossfire brought to the table. Opted to get my hands on an evga nVidia 670 ftw 4gb edition. Couldn't have been more excited when it arrived. I got it installed (a bit of a pain in an antec 900-2 case and this is where the issues started. Booted into windows and noticed some really nasty visual lag. I figured no big deal i need to get the drivers installed so i got ahead and do that and reboot and it was better...but not great. Now i try testing it out by first running the windows index test. I got a 6.5 on gaming graphics which struck me as way low for a GPU of this calibre so i tried launching skyrim. Skyrim detected my hardware and set the graphics to medium and then failed to launch every time. Then i ran dxdiag and it only showed 1728 mb of vram. At this point i concede that it seems likely that i have a dud, but before i go through RMA are there any suggestions? I was thinking maybe i didn't correctly or fully uninstall my AMD drivers? Or i possibly need to flash my bios to make my mobo compliant with pcie 3.0 (although i believe it should just be backwards compatiable). Any suggestions would really help or if anyone can confirm it's a dud that would help too. Here's my full build.

- intel i-7 930
- MSI bigbang x-power mobo
- 12 gig kingston ram
- antec 900-2 case
- thermaltake black widow psu at 850w
- nvidia geforce gtx 670 ftw 4gb edition (hopefully)
- western digital hard drive
- plextor 120g SSD
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    Maybe you'll have to remove the previous AMD drivers again. Follow the steps from here

    I'd also suggest you uninstall the nvidia drivers, reboot and reinstall. Of course, download directly from Nvidia's website.
  2. thanks i'll give that a shot and see if that clears it up. I'll be back if not.
  3. still no luck and everything is running super slow. Boot times are terrible as well but maybe my processor is picking up the video? Either way i can't RMA this till Monday anyway so i thought i'd try a fresh install of windows.
  4. still having no luck and having odd performance issues. Can anyone tell me if updating my BIOS could fix my problem? Thanks.
  5. Updated the BIOS and all my problems instantly evaporated. Couldn't be more excited problem is solved and now it's time to see what this bad boy can do.
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