Can I run Geforce GT620 with my PSU

Hello there kind people. I have the following setup:[6].pdf

That's Fujitsu Esprimo E5925 with

Core2Duo E6850 3GHz
4 x 1GB DDR2 Kingston Valueram
2 x 80GB HDD on RAID0

My question is, can I run this ( ) Geforce GT620 Low Profile card with this computer's PSU that has max output of 270W?

I've googled and googled and there is so much contradicting info about this card. Ppl have reported it using power from anything like 20W to 90W...

Any input would be highly appreciated.
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  1. Prebuilt computers are usually not desinged for upgradability (some even go so far as to put a sticker between the side panel and main body of the case that says removing it will void your warranty), so usually you'll want to get a new power supply when upgrading the video card. I'm not sure whether the case for your Fujitsu uses a standard-size atx power supply or something smaller.

    According to the recommendation for a GT620 is a 350W psu that can supply 18 amps on the +12v rail. I didn't see +12v specifications in that pdf, but if you can find a sticker on the side of the power supply that provides such specification, it might help answer your question.
  2. Thank you for the fast reply. I don't have the computer with me at the moment, but I will post the specs from the sticker tomorrow.
  3. I know there is a guy who is running the Asus GT620 with the same esprimo I have, but his PSU is 300W. Dunno if this info helps at all...

    If I remember correctly the PSU is slimline and the motherboard is micro-BTX. Getting a new PSU is not really an option for me, so if this GT620 deal doesn't work out, I'm forced to get some low power radeon...
  4. OFCOURSE! You'll be able to run that card.. people run HD6670 DDR5's on a 240watt psu.. which takes up more volts than the GT620.. HOWEVER.. it may reduce the life span of the PSU and gfx card.. you'll be better off with a hd 6570 or a HD6450
  5. Here is a pic of the PSU sticker ->

    Thank you for your reply haider95.

    I've been having troubles finding suitable low profile card for my setup. Do you guys have any other suggestions for sub $100 cards that might be able to run on low power psu and still have the *oomph* to play older games (circa ~09) on decent framerates?
  6. glad you asked. The best card in your budget right now is the 7750 Low profile. The card *looks* like a joke.. its so small and consumes such less power that one would wonder how da fuq did they manage to cramp such performance in such a little card here i've got some links for you.. i've checked your computer specs out and it says that the models have a 300-450Watt PSU.. which is ENOUGH to power this card as it takes 45 volts under max load AND this card is almost 5x faster than the gt 620 and consumes almost the same power cause of its 28nm architecture..

    My personal recomendation would be the last one.. that fans on that thing are beasts and HIS cards are ALWAYS good overclockers. you might even be able to over clock the card to get to the speed of a HD7770 but not on that PSU.. if however you dont want to spend as much then id suggest you go for the HD6570.. which takes up even less power but its 70% weaker compared to the 7750.. but even so it can handle most of todays games at high on a resolution of 1280x720 or even higher!
    Here i'll give you some links to the good 6570's bare in mind that these take up even less power than the 7750. (40 watts under full load) and you have my word that you'll be able to run this one (not so much on the 7750 since i hate motherboards and their compatibility issues :P but thats just me) i dont think you'll have a problem running the 7750 since your motherboard has Pci express 2.0 support and the 7750 is backwards compatible but thats just me being paranoid for no reason. on to the links

    You should be able to get the HD6670 to work too but these 2 consume less power (HD7750 is between the hd6570 and the hd6670 in power consumption) so your 240Watt psu is good.. wait was it 300watts? :O WTF if you cant afford to go for the 7750 then go for the HD6670!

    There we go.. out of all those 3 my recommendation would be the last 7750 I posted with the HIS cooler.. if you cant afford to go $16 over your budget then the last 6670 i posted WILL DEMOLISH all games you throw at it at 720p resolution.. FUDGE that it can do freakishly well even at 1600x900 just check the charts.. BUT if you dont wanna spend more money on the performance then just get the HD6570 (Msi version just cause it has a fan and is cheap) hope i helped you out. actually rule the 6570 out just get a HD7750 but if you cant afford it.. get the HD6670 With the HIS cooler. Now to get back to trying to afford a pentium 4
  7. Thank you for the long reply and links. I will go thru it when I get home from work and have the time.

    The PSU on my machine is only 250W (or should I say it's 270W when it can obtain that output for short times(?))
  8. 15 amps is cutting it pretty close so I really wouldn't advise running it on that. Better to get a new PSU or a new system altogether.
  9. Yeah, I know man. But the thing is that I got the computer for free and I would have a low-cost gaming system if I just upgrade the gpu. This is kinda like a hobby project and I don't have intention to spend lots (pref. not at all) of money on it.

    I've tried to look for a replacement PSU, but they cost so much that adding that to the price of the GPU would go way over my budget and indeed it would then be better to just buy a new machine. But that's not what I'm looking for right now.

    The scenario is that I'll try to make a working machine out of the material I have access to and that now forces me to work within the limits of the low profile chassis and low power PSU. So I'm just trying to find the best GPU that fits those specifications. Not the best gpu, not the cheapest gpu but the best gpu that would run without problems on this setup.

    edit: In a nutshell:

    With ~50-100 dollars worth of upgrades I could get a machine that I'm completely happy


    With 600-1000 dollars I could get a new machine that I would not need and feel I've wasted my money.
  10. HD7750 all the way bro.. but the official website says that the units are fitted with a minimum of 300 watt PSU (300-450).. strange. You should still go for the 7750 if you can.. lower power intake than the HD6670.. if you cant afford $116 (thats inclusive of shipping) then you should go for 6570.. though the HD6670 DDR3 would work despite what these guys tell you ive heard many reviews of the card working on a 240watt PSU
  11. I went ahead and paid for the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Pro, and for your system plus a radeon hd 7750, it says 251 W with 15.4 A on the +12v rail would suffice, so you have a decent chance of being able to run it on your existing power supply, especially if you underclock the video card (though I haven't checked whether underclocking is possible for that model).
    With a 6670, it says 249W/15.3A@+12V
    With a 6570, 247W/15.1A@+12V
    With a GT620, 237W/14.3A@+12V

    Edit: those wattages are the recommended wattages, rather than the minimum. Minimum wattage with the 7750 is given as 201 W, but you're still borderline with the +12V requirements on the AMD options considered so far.
  12. ok guys. I can't thank you enough for all of your help and input on this matter.
    I will now weight my options and see if I'm able to find/order the card of my choice near me (i.e. Europe).

    I will post how the situation develops...
  13. What. The. Actual. FUQ

    Isnt the 7750 supposed to take up less power than the HD6670
  14. So I've narrowed my options down to these two. (due to their availability and price over here)

    Geforce GT640
    Radeon HD6570

    (not necessarily those exact models, but you get the idea..)

    Any opinions on these power consumption wise and performance as I will be running the card on PCI-E slot that is only version 1.1.

    Meaning, is there any point to put more money to get more powerful card (GT640) if you loose the extra performance due to PCI-E 1.1? I have a feeling that I will be wanting to try to play it safe so maybe I just get the 6570 due to smaller(?) power consumption...

    edit: *sigh* and now I'm pondering about that 7750 :)
  15. The GT640 takes up less power than the HD7750 but more than the HD6570.. between those 2 models you should go for the GT640 in this case.. but the one in the link you provided is discontinued :P id go for the HD6570 with a better cooler if i was you
  16. Status update: I bought the HD7750 low profile. It fitted well and I've had no problems running it with my 250W PSU. I've run some benchmarks and soon will perform real gaming tests.

    Thank you all for your help on the matter!
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