GTX 670 - Fans hit 100% and monitor turned off, Unable to turn back on

Hey guys, I've got a pretty serious issue that I need fixed ASAP. I've tried contacting the manufacturer but I figured I would get a quicker response here.

I just built my first PC on Christmas day last year, and I've been pretty happy with it, but last night I was about to start playing a game with my friend when suddenly my monitor shut off and my fans went to what sounded like maximum speed. This isn't the first time this has happened. Two or three other times this same thing has happened, and I googled and found the issue was probably overheating. I'm stupid for not posting this on the first time, but I would attempt to try the fixes that I got by Googling and it appeared to work for a while, then it would happen again and I would do another fix.

Anyway, like the other times I quickly turned my computer off (Having to hold down the power button) and unplugged the power supply. Before I would let it just rest for a while and it would work again later on, but this time it's not. When it happened I checked the card and it didn't feel too hot, just a little warm. My system has plenty of ventilation and a few fans, so I don't see how that is the issue. My graphics card settings are on default, and I've been able to play pretty graphics-intensive games on max settings with no problems before. The thing is, when this happens I haven't even been playing games. This time I had just opened the game up (It was a pretty old mod for the Source Engine, not too graphics intensive at all) and it cut out just as I was about to edit the options.

So, long story short, does anyone know the cause of this and if I can fix it without sending the card in to be replaced?

Specs can be seen here:
Also running Windows 7 64bit

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  1. So I unplugged the card and moved it to a different slot in the motherboard and now it's working just fine, but I still want to prevent this from happening again. Any suggestions?
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