Graphics card or psu problem??

Ok so I completed my first build a week ago and everything went well. I installed windows and all my drivers without problems and everything was working great, I played fc3 on ultra with no crashes and it worked flawlessly. A few days ago I tried to turn my pc on and it wouldn't get any power.. My case fans will get pwr for like a millisecond but nothing gets pwr and it remains shutoff. I then took out my gpu and plugged monitor cable into mobo and pc fired right up and worked great with the onboard graphics turned on, but when I put gpu back in the pci slot with all cables plugged in nothing gets pwr again. It seems to me that the gpu died somehow but am also thinking that maybe my psu is faulty and not providing enough power through system when gpu is in. * note: all my temps are great and when my gpu was working i monitored it and it never overheated

Specs: all brand new
I5 3570k, msi 7870 hawk, rosewill challenger, asrock z77 pr04, corsair 600w cx v2, WD 1tb black, 8 gb corsair vengeance

I am new to building so im no expert, but I also like to mention I never hear my psu fan and don't really feel air coming out of it (when I play a game, which is now on my onboard graphics, I do feel a slight warmth of air from back of psu). I know that the fan only spins when under heavy load and 600w is overkill for this system especially without gpu atm, so this may be normal to not hear the fan spinning(over my case fans).
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  1. I forgot to mention that I do not have another pc to test the gpu in..
  2. It is not a PSU problem, as you can boot your machine with the onboard graphics -- when you try to boot it with the HD 7870 connected, it doesn´t require a lot of power as it is at its idle state. If it was a PSU problem the issue would occur with the GPU at load.

    There might have a GPU issue there -- contact MSI for RMA service.

    Nonethess you can test your PSU -- How-to Test Your Corsair Power Supply
  3. ok thanks that is what i figured. I ordered from newegg so shouldnt i just rma it to them and they can replace it? I aldry submitted an rma form online and they gave me the rma number and address to send it to them.
  4. Also, anyone ever hear of a gpu just failing like this before? I mean when it worked it ran awesome and it was not like a had any crashes or BSOD. It just flat out went dead..
  5. RMA Newegg should work too! :)
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