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Hi all,

I've been having some issue lately with my graphics card. I purchased an msi gtx670 back in may for my first build. It has been running "fine" since I purchased it apart from one small issue.

When playing games with vsync on I get a very annoying amount of stuttering. When I say stuttering, I mean a jerk or frame skip roughly every second. At first I didnt think much to the issue as it seemed to go away when vsync was turned off, and only seemed to be in one game at the time (left for dead 2).

However, this issue has cropped up in other games that I have played aswell now. These include: Far Cry 3, Dirt 3, black ops 2, terraria (when not full screened), dead space 2, la noire, fifa 13 etc.

If it were not for the fact that these games play at much higher than 60fps (My monitors refresh rate) without vsync enabled id be able to understand the issue, and so am wondering if it could be a graphics card error.

Another error that seems to crop up when the card is under high stress is this weird tessellation looking error. The card itself is not overheating with temperatures not going above 81 degrees C.

I have uploaded a video of the error to youtube and a screenshot on steam:

This error normally causes me to BSOD if I do not quit the game in time. This error has happened in left for dead 2 aswell, but only the once (much less stress), whereas with far cry it seems to be a 30% chance whenever I use the map to travel.

I would like to know if this error has been had by anyone else or it is almost definitely a hardware fault :).

The card itself is still in warranty so it I can RMA it, however I think I may have damaged the card in the past by accident.

I had installed MSI afterburner to monitor temperatures etc, and the one that came on disc seemed to be accurate to my clock speeds and wouldnt let me overclock more than the boost clock speed of the card. However, I updated the afterburner and it had changed. Instead of it being accurate to my clock speeds it was just a + mhz or -mhz.

In my naivety I had whacked it up to full thinking that it wouldnt go higher than it should be able to go. Obviously Im a ******* idiot and I subsequently got pink artifacts on the screen and BSOD.

I would like to know If i was to RMA my card, would the people testing it for faults be able to tell that it had been damaged due to a ridiculous overclock or not?

PC specs:

cpu: i5-3570k at stock clocks, stock cooler
Ram: corsair 1600mhz 16gb ddr3
ssd: kingston ssd v+200
hdd: samsung spinpoint f3 1tb
gfx: msi gtx 670 (
psu: corsair AX850W
mobo: asus p8z77-v pro

Any help would be VERY much appreciated, as im a little pissed with myself that I could have fucked a £300 gfx card :)
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  1. wow that far cry vid is messed up. you gotta try and remove and reinstall your drivers. but from what you said about Afterburner, you might have done some damage. artifacting after overclocking is never nice.

    I doubt the people who test it at RMA will deny you warranty. It would require some form of logging to happen on the card itself. and I've sent afew cards back that got abused. ***, years ago I sent in a 9800Pro that had extra RAM sinks I stuck on, so it was clearly modified and they sent me back a 6800GT, go figure. I didn't complain LOL.

    Try running Furmark and see if you can kill it quicker, for convenience.
  2. I have tried furmark, and the weird thing is it doesnt seem to give a ***. I get the fps that I should which is odd.

    Ive also tried clean installs of drivers etc, with no avail. You'd recommend RMAing?
  3. well the best test would be a fresh install. If it stuffs up after you've given it clean software then it's obviously the card. but thats a pain in the ass unless you've got a spare hdd you can just thrown in temp for testing. I WAS going to RMA my card because I had funny performance issues, as in overclocking it made the card perform worse plus I had some funny artifacts in l4d2 -,rxyw6OT,UZeBmEA but after I found a specific power setting and adjusted it, it works awesome now. So my suggestion would be a fresh install of windows, if it's been over a year or so it's probably about time anyway
  4. Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try as soon as my computer is not crucial for revision and get back :)
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