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Alright so im starting to save up for some more computer parts, it probably wont be for ahile since im oly puttig away a fixed amount of my checks away (About 5%) as I already have everything to game with for a good while. What i want to know is should I crossfire my 7870, im kinda wishing I had bought a 7970, but it was just to expensive at the time of my build what with my motorcycle and such (also the 7870 runs far cry 3 in ultra with 2x msaa so im not to disappointed). All anyone seems to say is go with the single best set up but when does crossfire ever become worth it?

Id like to crossfire another his iceq if i crossfire its a huge card, will it fit side by side on my gigabyte 990fxa-ud5? If not im thinking i might put them under water, but my iceq ids at 21 degrees and has never gotten past 60 on msi kombuster, with almost no noise. Oh and to everyone who says get a faster processor, im going to next black Friday at microcenter. Now what I want for gaming is not necessarily more fps but more stable fps in demanding games(eg far cry 3 on ultra 2x msaa gets 60+ frames everywhere but drops to like 35-40 in hoyts compound). I dont have an eyefinity set up and might never as i cant stand the gaps in the screens, but i want to game at 1080p on my 40 inch with everything cranked way up on the most demanding games, can i get this with crossfire to me it seems worth it nowadays but maybe im wrong, ive thought about selling my 7870 but its almost more hassle than its worth especially considering I wont get what i want for it. Idk I want the crossfire setup but if its gonna be a huge waste of money I dont want to do it I suppose, keep in mind i probably will not be buying it til march or april, and fingers crossed prices will be at around 200 w/o rebate. Another thing ill be getting an ssd next fall as well so from now until then its another card and more water cooling components lol.

MY specs

Phenom x4 965 BE
gigabyte 990fxa-ud5
Fatality 750w
his iceq 7870
1.5 tbs of wd black (1tb and 500)
xspc raystorm 750 rs 240

Thanks everyone
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  1. I wouldn't waste my time with crossfire ever again, its useless. FPS drops and stuttering is what you will get. You should upgrade your cpu, its bottlenecking your 7870 already.
  2. Like i said in my post...I will be upgrading to intel but in the fall because the deal that microcenter has is just too good to really justify upgrading before then. I wish i would have waited to buy my stuff until i went there this year but oh well, building is a learning experience.
    That said my gpu does not seem to be bottlenecking my gpu as it never really strains to keep up when i monitor it, i have it overclocked to 3.8 ghz and as soon as i get my watercooling im gonna see if i can get it stable at 4.0 then ill be about equal to a stock i5 3570k from what ive read, but I really dont see how it could be bottlenecking when the proccy doesnt really strain to keep up. You sound really frustrated about crossfire lol, im a bit nervous about it, but im not sure its a terrible choice, idk i guess i could try it and if it sucks ill return it, but idk, maybe the 7970 will be down in a few months, but if the 7870 is really down it might be worth it to grab another one and risk it i guess. The 7870 really is a great card imo so im thinking itd be nice if it could last me a year or 2.
  3. you would have to OC to 5+ghz to get close to a stock i5. I mean, if you really want to try crossfire i cant stop you, i just think you will be disappointed as you will not see any real gains with that cpu bottlenecking them. If you read around some threads there are quite a few people that had 7850 crossfire and claim that a single card ran smoother, despite having higher average fps. The same story in the 6850/6870 cards.
  4. 5 ghz? Sounds far fetched but whatever. I think you may be right about the crossfiring it seems so iffy, i may look around again at the time i buy it....or dont lol.
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