Need help diagnosing a bad part

I built this tower a few weeks ago. My first build and everything started up fine. A few days later it started doing 4 beeps at startup.Still fully booted and ran fine. Mostly payed WoW and net surfing no problems other than the beeps. Then it started doing 5 beeps. Still ran fine. I know I was procrastinating but I'm a nube.... Now it goes into diagnoses mode during start up and will not fully boot. I removed all the hardware down to processer and mobo and fans turn on no beep. Added 1stick of memory and I get the 5 beeps. I'm assuming that tells me its mobo or processer. How do I nail it down to one of those if my assumptions are correct?

My hardware list
A10 5800k
Asrock FM2A75M-DGS
G.SKILL Ares F3-1866C9D-8GAB
Roswill Capstone 450 w PS
WD 500 GIG hd and a Samsung DVD R
It runs on windows 8
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    It may point you in the right direction; I would also contact asrock online; here's a link:

    You might also link this post if possible under subject or problem description.
  2. It's normally a RAM issue, but I'm used to it being 3 short beeps. Did you try both sticks of RAM to see if one was bad? Next likely is Mobo, it's rarely ever the cpu unless you disabled the thermal safety settings and overheated it.
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