How to record from computer to VHS?

Hi guys,

First - not entirely sure this is the right forum. My apologies :-))

I would like to record from my computer to a VHS tape. So I need some kind of s-video out from my computer, to either a TV or directly to a VCR machine so I can record it!

New GFX cards don't have the s-video output any more, so I need some sort of extra card I recon. I hope you guys have a solution for this, because I really searched the net and asked around!

Many thanks in advance :)
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  1. Gosh I wouldn't know I would think perhaps if you had a dvd vcr combo you could burn a disc onto a dvd and then move it to vhs.
  2. Hehe, not a very uplifting reply!
    I thoght about those combies, but wasen't that only from DVD to VHS, or was it both ways?
  3. Let me ask you what something. What is your end goal with this.
  4. The end goal is to record a film we made to VHS tape, and then record it back into the computer and overlay it with the original digital source for the effect.
    So, that's the reason to this outdated workflow ;)
  5. Ah to give it the tape effect I take it. I'm looking around and there are tons of videos showing how to get a vhs to a pc but not a pc to a vhs.
  6. Yeah! I already bought the little USB device to record from VHS to PC - that's no problems, it's exactly the other way around that is the main problem!
  7. You would need something like a vhs drive for your computer. I'm just not sure there is one. Because think for a second here how is a computer going to digitally send information to a vhs where a vhs is recorded over tape.

    I did find this thread though some guy seems to have it working
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