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Need help with new pc case build

What is the best for gaming out of these cases???

Thor v2 case.....

AZZA Solano 1000....

Witch one is better for gaming? And will both fit the
longest graphics cards?
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    I don't really like either of these. Check out Corsair, Antec, and Coolermaster for cases. They are much better. I strongly recommend this for around $100. Its an amazing case. Much better than the ones you listed.
  4. but your using a rosewill to... your using the challenger by your specs if not you changed the case yet....thor v2 I believe is better the the challenger
  5. and that case kinda blows in my opinion
  6. I bought this case because I was on a budget. Its alright, but by far not the best. The Thor is better than the challenger but isn't close to the same level as the corsair 400R.

    I wish I had bought a 200R when I bought a case.
  7. Its considerably better than either of the cases you listed. It has superior air flow and cable management.
  8. the thor v2 its a full atx and can support 9 fans
  9. Do you really need a full tower? What hardware will you be using?

    The 400R supports 7 fans. All any build ever needs is 4 at the most though. More fans Doesn't always mean cooler. That's a common misconception. Its about flow and pressure. Not number of fans.
  10. like your thinking so far! what about the 500r series
  11. They are very very good cases. Corsair is one of the best Case manufacturers around.
  12. so the 500r is very good case
  13. so the 500r is very good case
  14. sorry about the double post
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