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Im looking to upgrade from my 560ti to ether the 680 or the 7970. I want to know what would be the best. I have 2 monitors (1920x1080) and play all kinds of video games. Budget is 550 tops!!! im looking at aftermarket cards (non-reference) msi twin frozr preferably. I also will be overclocking. Im a total nvidia fan boy but i feel the 7970 would give better performance ? I want the 680 but for the same money i could get the 7970. Give me advice !!!
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  1. This 7970 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202008 is 100 dollars cheaper than 680 and will outperform it. Not to mention the 7970's are the best overclockers on the market and will severly outperform the 680.
  2. If you're an Nvidia fanboy why are you asking for advice? The 680 is a fine card for self-proclaimed fanboys.

    That said the 7970 GHz edition is cheaper and faster.
  3. The GTX 670 is a great card, but the 680 is overpriced.
  4. From what I can tell there is very little difference in performance. The 680 fairs better in Nvidia focused games, and the 7970 with AMD games.
    If noise and power consumption are a consideration the gtx 680 seems to perform better but it seems to cost more.

    If you're an Nvidia fanboy, have the cash spare and won't consider the 670 (slightly less performance yet much cheaper) then go with the GTX 680.
  5. To those of you recommending the 670:

    where would i have to clock the 670 at to match 680? my 560ti was clocked at 1ghz and could match or be with 5 frames of a 570 and i saved 100 bucks.

    on a side note

    what are comparable sli or crossfire options?
  6. I'm also an Nvidia fanboy so I would suggest the GTX 680. HD 7970 could give you better frame rate but i'm sure it would not be on a significant margin and MOST importantly... I have less problems with Nvidia and they always give me Constant Frame rate.
  7. With a 10% overclock the GTX 670 should already be creeping ahead of a stock 680. Of course, the 680 will overclock too, so there's still going to be a gap when comparing on a level playing field.
  8. are there any negative affects of overclocking? one kid at work says it halfs the life of the card
  9. also the lightning's from msi are looking great and i didnt know twin frozr 4 had that dust removal thing
  10. As long as you don't get too high temperatures or voltages it's fine. Most cards will do a nice little overclock without raising voltages or getting excessive temperatures, so that's basically free (and worry-free) performance.
  11. i raise the volts a little on the 560ti (not sure exactly) but i still idle 35-40c and hit 75c under 100% use n it doesnt go any higher. do you think that would affect the 560ti at all?
  12. Heat is the death of any technology. The cooler the better. Just make sure it's not so extreme that the card will last at least a couple years until you upgrade :D
  13. Why is the 600 series memory bus stop at 256? can anyone explain that please
  14. Msi gtx 680 lightning you can reflash the bios to unlock it.You use msi afterburner to overclock it.I get whichever both are fine cards.
  15. sadfacebunny said:
    i raise the volts a little on the 560ti (not sure exactly) but i still idle 35-40c and hit 75c under 100% use n it doesnt go any higher. do you think that would affect the 560ti at all?

    That should be fine. They can technically cope with temps up to around 100-105c, though that would wear the card out real quick. I personally try not to go too close to 90c in stress tests (Furmark etc); in games it'll never quite get as hot.
  16. does anyone know the answer to the memory bus thing ? also how does this digital unlock thing work?
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