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My local network at my workplace are all wired and have an internet connection. We have a DVR and we could not monitor the feeds as I believe the authorities have blocked port 80?? We installed another broadband connection and the DVR is connected to it. The feeds can be viewed via IE from outside but not from inside the office as it does not display anything. The feeds are available to my personal laptop connected to the second broadband connection.

I wonder whether it is possible for me to have a wireless dongle to any one of the wired and networked office computers so that I can connect to the DVR though the second broadband connection and view the feeds from the DVR?

In other words, are the internet connectios switchable so that I choose the connection I want? (when there is a wired and a wirless connection are available) I am not a computer expert and apologies if I am asking a stupid question.

Help appreciated.

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    Yes, you can change the priority of connections.

    In Windows 7 go to the network and sharing control panel, click on change adapter settings, hit the alt key, click on advanced up above in the file menus, choose advanced settings, then move the connection priorities up/down with the arrows.
  2. Thank you.
    I hope I am right in thinking that I will lose the wired network connection when connecting to the wireless one. We run XP and I guess I can do it in that.

    Thanks again.

  3. Yes, you can also change the priority of network connections in Win XP in the change adapter settings, advanced. It is a prioritization so you will connect to the first available of the list you select either by adapter or ISP.
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