Graphics card compatibility?

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  1. Are you kidding ?
    That mobo can support two of those(660 gtx), it has two pcie 3.0 slots SLI ready...
    The only thing you have to worry is if your psu is a decent one with at least 450w...
  2. gpus are usually compatible with any mobo with a pci-e slot in exception oof rare cases where a pci-e 1.0 board would reject certain cards. any modern motherboard will be able to use any pci-e x16 based gpu.
  3. Modern graphics cards and motherboards both use pci-express, so generally you don't even need to check. If you had an old agp or pci (non-express) graphics card, or an old motherboard with no pci-express slots, then you might have a problem.
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