HD 4670 Overheating

Hey guys,

I'd been having problems with my computer shutting down due to video card overheating, the temperature got to like 110+ grades Celsius :o while playing games (aion, tera, gw2) and would idle at around 70+ Celsius.

Anyways.. through reading the forums I'd tried dusting out the CPU fan/heatsink and graphics card, applied thermal paste between heatsink/CPU and also for heatsink on the graphics card. And it worked!! I was idling around 30 Celsius, games and other things between 60-70... but 2-3 weeks later now and its doing the same thing... Idling around 60-70 and hitting 110+ in games.

I don't understand why it would be fine for 2-3 weeks then suddenly start again :(

I'm not sure what i need to post for PC specs :o but..i think.. i has..

Antec Basiq 550w PSU
ATI Radeon HD 4670
AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core 6000+
Asus M3a78

anything else.. I don't know Dx

~Thanks in advance!
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  1. Heatsink work itself loose? Maybe it needs to be tightened.
  2. Is the fan on the card moving? I agree about the heatsink. You may want to remove the fan and reapply the thermal grease.
  3. Hmm I checked the heatsink and it was in there nice and tightly, but removed it and redid the grease as well, its snug.

    Yea the fan is moving.

    actually its not, it was spinning when i booted PC but its stopped now ;o

    ~I havent shut off PC or anything since last edit.. but its spinning now.. and temps are down.. Is it supposed to stop spinning at all? o.o
  4. No, it should stay spinning. Either fan dying or the power wiring is loose.
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