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2xHD 7950 vs GTX 670

Looking at building a new PC and wondering whether I should pick up 2 HD 7950's and run them in crossfire or just one GTX 670?

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    Just wondering how you came up with those as your two choices for your gpu/'s. Two 7950's costs around $700 while one 670 costs <$400. Obviously two 7950's are going to give better performance than one 670, but it is probably not worth it. If you are gaming at 1080p, then one 670 will be more than enough for the next year so and you'll be able to max out just about any game. If you are gaming at any higher resolution or more than one monitor, then I'd recommend a 7970 which is usually around the same price as a 670.
  2. I agree with above comment.I go for one card either way will work fine.
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  4. Is this really a question? Obviously the 7950's. One is about as strong as a 670. This would be similar to asking if a 1000 pound horse could pull a cart better than two 980 pound horses. One 980 pound horse would barely be slower. Also, you are spending almost twice as much on two 7950's. The 7950's might even offer performance that is similar to a 690.
  5. Here's some numbers from HardwareInfo ...1st number is 1 card 2nd is SLI / CF

    Hardware Info 670 670 SLI-2

    AvP High 4AA 56.9 105.6
    Batman AC Very High 4AA 84.0 95.0
    BF3 Ultra High 4AA 61.0 105.0
    Crysis 2 Ultra High Edge AA 68.3 98.7
    Dirt 3 Ultra 4AA 105.5 157.1
    Hard Reset Ultra 4AA 84.4 116.9
    Metro 2033 Very High 30.0 50.0
    Skyrim High 4AA 108.0 185.0
    Shogun 2 Ultra 4AA 52.1 66.8

    Total FPS 650.2 980.1
    Cost Per Frame $0.55 $0.73

    AvP High 4AA 56.1 104.1
    Batman AC Very High 4AA 66.0 66.0
    BF3 Ultra High 4AA 48.0 81.0
    Crysis 2 Ultra High Edge AA 50.3 88.7
    Dirt 3 Ultra 4AA 73.9 138.3
    Hard Reset Ultra 4AA 69.1 115.2
    Metro 2033 Very High 32.0 61.0
    Skyrim High 4AA 94.0 170.0
    Shogun 2 Ultra 4AA 41.0 82.0

    Total FPS 530.4 906.3
    Cost Per Frame $0.57 $0.66
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