PSU wattage for overclocked system and sli 680's

Hey guys i had a question on which watt PSU i should get.

Current setup, Gaming only PC
8gb 2x4 ram
Intel 520 120GB SSD (OS), Intel 520 240GB SSD (Games), WD Black Caviar 1TB HDD
Currently a ASUS gtx680 4GB GPU and second is on its way
Basic Optical Drive
H100i CPU Cooler

Now ive been reading that a 750W PSU is minimum for sli 680 for a non overclocked system
I plan to overclock the i7-3820 to 4.6GHz Max and do some basic over clocking on the GPU's
The PSU's ive been debating on are the Corsair AX760i, AX860i, AX1200i. the price difference arnt much apart. AX760i ($170), AX860i ($180), AX1200i ($230). is what i can get them for locally. but what would you recommend out of those 3. I dont plan to do 3 way sli at all.
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  1. AX860i for breathing room.
  2. With just a $10 difference, I'd go with the AX860i to be on the safe side.
  3. Have you bought this yet? If not go for a 3570k. But, I'd think an 850w would be fine.
  4. $10 difference between the 760i and the 860i? Might as well get the 860i at that price.
  5. Thank you all for your replays, i was also thinking the 860i. And yes i already bought the 2011 CPU and board, resoning is IB-E hopfully soon. the i7-3820 i got from a friend. it was new and i got a hell of a deal.
  6. Ok that seems ok then. How much did you spend on the 3820? Also, I am not sure if get IB-E will be worth it for you.
  7. Paid $200 on the i7-3820. He ran out of money for his build and started selling off his items for some reason. I took advantage of that. I also bought a Corsair C70 Case of him for $80 and the H100i for $80. Ya it may not be but i couldnt pass up this deal. I was originally going for the 3570k until he told me he was selling his parts.
  8. Yeah, I probably would have done the same thing.
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