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hi i'm new to this subject and i was thinking about buying an nvidia gtx 550 but i'm not intirely sure if it's compatible with my computer, like i said i'm a newbie.
i've got a packard bell imedia i6523 and i was wondering if anyone can help me figure this out.

p.s sorry about any grammar error, english is not my primary language
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  1. You could give us your specs just to be sure. BUt I would strongly suggest your get the GTX 660 or at least GTX 650 Ti. The GTX 550 is already old and consumes more power. Also, it does not perform great at 1080p you can't even max out most of the games
  2. thanks by your reply and my computer has an i3 3.07ghz processor, 4gb ram, about the gtx 550, i was thinking about it since i want an affordable graphics card with a somewhat good performance, but if you think there are better options i am open to your recommendations.
  3. I'm pretty sure GTX 550 and GTX 650 are probably at the same price point already. I would suggest leaning towards the GTX 650 since it is already at 28nm consumes far less power, more efficient and better DX 11 performance. If you could get like the HD 7770 for $150 / GTX 650 Ti for would be a better choice for budget gaming especially if you are not planning to play at 1080p, you'll get like more than 40 fps in most popular games. Make sure you have at least a 450 Watt + 12 v 30 amps though
  4. I think Antec or HEC Cougar are the cheapest PSU's out there
  5. i will buy the gtx 650 then, thanks i deeply appreciate your help.
  6. You're welcome. :)
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