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New graphics card

Hello, Have an ATI Radeon HD 3200 integrated card , would like to replace with a more updated card for minor gaming. I have a Gateway DX4300-15e AMD PhenomII x4 quad-core processor 8GB DDR2 . Looking for something decent but not too high end. Don't mind getting new power supply unit either. Thanks for the help, Kewracer
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  1. Get hd 7750
  2. What would your approximate budget be ?
  3. I've looked at the 7750 and that's about the range I was looking at. Now I'm thinking I need to upgrade PSU mine is a 300 watt unit. I'm just not sure which PSU I should go with and if the wiring will work with my computer. Forgive me for I am a novice when it comes to this stuff, suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks Kewracer
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    bro in your budget get gtx 650 non ti its a good choice.and for psu i wll suggest any
    good brand 400watt psu ,from corsiar.,seasonic,or xfx.
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