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Graphics card turns on then off

I've just built a new computer (hardware in signature) and everything works except for the graphics card. When I turn the computer on, the graphics card fan spins for a second then shuts off. I tried disabling the onboard graphics in device manager in safe mode and then booting up the computer with the dvi hooked up to the video card but it didn't help. I also installed the new driver for the graphics card but it still won't show up in the device manager. I was very careful installing all the parts and I have inspected carefully to make sure there are no shorts. I am at a loss and would greatly appreciate any help I could get.
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  1. Sorry, not sure why the rest of the signature cut off:
    8 GB AMD memory
    Corsair HX650W PSU
    LG Modisc BD/DVD drive
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    It could sometimes be a defective card. If that's the case then you should really RMA it.
  3. updated bios yet? try to switch on the computer with the monitor cable plugged into the motherboards VGA. If it doesnt show any signal then theres a PSU problem. however if it does i'd test it out on another system ASAP
  4. Yeah I updated the bios and installed the newest video card drivers, I think I'm just gonna RMA it.
  5. Let us know how it goes
  6. I received my graphics card yesterday, and everything is working great :). They even gave me one that's slightly better than the previous one, this one's core clock is1010 MHz instead of 925. Cheers!
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    nWD did somthing similar but tricked me with a black label instead of blue :( I though I had a Caviar Black for a long time until I called Customer Service
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