Installing a new GPU help?

So I'm getting my 7950 soon and I will have to install and I'm new to this. So after I put it in the slot connect the power, start up the PC is it good to go? Or before I install it will I have to disable my onboard video via Device Manager or not? Just install the video card and get new drivers? :ange: :ange: :ange: :ange: :ange: :ange: :ange:


also can I ground myself just by touching the feet of table if they are metal feet? :sweat:
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  1. Yea you're good to go. Just unplug the cable from the onboard and connect your cable to the video card. You dont have to uninstall onboard driver. If there will be no display, You can check also first the bios graphics settings. It should be set to auto/dedicated, if it set to onboard, you can change it to automatic first. about grounding, just touch your metal casing.
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