Upgrade now or wait

hi i have a hd 6950 1Gb and it run really hot 87c when gaming

and i know the hd 8000 series is coming so should i wait or upgrade now and i live in australia
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  1. You really are just spamming, arn't you?
  2. how do u mean
  3. skitz9417 said:
    how do u mean

    You have a hundred threads asking about every CPU and GPU on the market...
  4. If its running hot and you have had it a while, take it out and blow all the dust from the fan and heatsink with compressed air. you can also get msi afterburner and adjust a custom fan profile so the fan runs faster. Also, you live in Australia and its summer, dont run it on hot days if you dont have air con in the room. make sure you have adequate cooling in the case, at least a couple of exhaust fans to get the hot air out. If your going to spend any money now, spend it on more ram and more airflow for your case, or a better, cooler case.
  5. While gaming for awhile when you see 80°+ degrees on the GPU touch the top of the case near the PSU, is it hot too? it might be your PSU the source of the heat not the GPU/CPU, in that case you need a new PSU. (i'm having same problem now)
  6. i have a 600w psu
  7. That link don't work for me, but i'm just saying you should check the PSU before blaming the GPU. No matter what PSU you have.
  8. well my psu doent fell hot
  9. waiting for new gen or upgrading now is really up to you. If you can wait, go ahead. If you want/need to upgrade now, go ahead too.
  10. actually i might just change my case because it have poor airflow
  11. skitz9417 said:
    would a hd 7850 or hd 7870 be much of upgrade

    no. a 7870 might be a slight upgrade, but not enough to make it worth while. a 7950 would be a good upgrade.
  12. and i have a 1600x900 screen so inst the hd 7950 overkill
  13. Can't believe you guys just keep answering this troll. Go check his profile and older messages...
  14. i have the right to ask questions
  15. skitz9417 said:
    i have the right to ask questions

    Actually being able to post here is a privilege not a right and you do seem to have started a lot of threads so it's no wonder that people are starting to view you as a probable troll.
  16. well im not i just saying
  17. skitz9417 said:
    well im not i just saying

    Well if your trolling or not i would say wait i mean you could buy a card now but u will have that buyers remorse when you hear the new specs. Trust me this happens to everyone
  18. ok thank u
  19. skitz9417 said:
    ok thank u

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